I hope this blog post finds you healthy in body and mind. I think about each of you and pray for your well-being, whatever circumstances you find yourself in just now.

At our house, we are hunkering down, which isn’t a big leap in the retired life. Our goal right now is to be part of the solution. Small group and family gatherings on pause. Meetings postponed. Health appointments cancelled. A hair elastic for my husband’s potential ponytail.

I saw a poster recently that said, “Stay at Home. It has never been easier to save lives.” It went on to list creative, worthwhile things a person can do while life as we knew it goes on hold. Examples abound. Work, read, play with your kids, exercise, draw, think, write, cook, sleep, play music, sing, phone friends, send letters, plant seeds. I appreciate that positive message.

I am grateful for, and mindful of, all the people who continue to work and provide varied and important services. I’m heartbroken for those who have suddenly found themselves unemployed. I grieve for those who find themselves in exceedingly difficult and frightening situations. In the light of so much enormity, I am relieved that we who are heeding our government’s directives to avoid community transmission are able, in our small way, to be part of a solution.

I spent a few days following the news closely, all day long. Emotionally, that is not sustainable. I almost came to the conclusion that I should stop posting on my website. Too trivial? Too mundane? Too everyday? But, I have decided to continue. The small things that have brought me joy may bring you joy too. The bits of knowledge and wonder that enrich my life may uplift your spirit. I hope you know that I am mindful of what’s going on in our world. I don’t pretend that these homespun writings offer solutions. There is no subtext. But I would like to continue to share them with you for whatever value they bring.

Virtual hugs,