Welcome to this collection of thoughts and ideas I’m compiling as I craft a somewhat different life in retirement from the one I had as a full-time graphic designer working in the world of not-for-profits. The overarching theme of this website is sustainability in personal life. It’s a space where I can explore pursuits that fascinate me. If they fascinate you too, I’m delighted that we can spend some time together.

Like all personal odysseys, I expect this one will shift and morph. You may find my posts hovering over a topic for a while, and then darting off to look at something different that catches my eye. The changing seasons will drive the content too. Even so, I have no doubt that clear themes will emerge over time.

If I had to summarize in one short thought, it would be: “Now this is something I want to remember! I’d better write it down. ”


February Textures

Paying attention. Today's artistic challenge was to capture textures in nature using my DSLR camera. These shots were taken at Harrison Lake and Harrison Hot Springs. I have a special love for textures. I use them to give depth and interest to my design work. Texture...

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The Artist’s Way

Six months into retirement. Even considering that the last half year has included the dark months, I have been living joyfully with a sense of freedom, peace and abundance because now I have ... time. Time to contemplate, time to appreciate, time to release the part...

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Lyme Notes

Until about a decade ago I had never heard of Lyme disease, which means I’ve lived most of my life without that fear. But now a number of sources call it an epidemic, and I know people who have been hit so I feel a deep concern for keeping my grandchildren safe.

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Tapestry 4-1

Out into nature ... We’ve had a few dry days and today’s forecast was sunny with a high of 10°C, so the conditions for my plan were as perfect as you could hope for in January. And my plan? The exciting craft of building a fire. I picked up Laureli and Cariana at...

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The Thana Doula

"Doula" was a new word to me only a year or so ago. In translation from Greek, it means a woman of service. Today, in our culture, it refers to a pregnancy and birth coach-companion. What a wonderful idea. Lately I've been involved in a series of meetings called...

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Sharing the Bounty

Gardening and foraging result in staggering abundance. Keeping pace with the harvest barely leaves me time to catch my breath, in a wonderful way, of course. Finally, sometime in winter, there is a lull and a little free time to get creative with all the treasure we...

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Pumpkin Chutneys

I didn't grow up with chutneys so this feels like an exotic food adventure. I like the idea of a spicy and savory sweet since, in our household, we are doing our best to avoid sugary foods. I also like yet another way to use pumpkin. These chutneys can be made after...

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Bushfire Salts

Every summer we grow a variety of hot peppers and dry them for our gift-giving projects. This is a craft, not a business, which means it's okay that no two years ever produce the same blends. Here are the finishing salts we created for 2018. BushFire Allium Hot Salt...

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Fermented Pepper Sauce

For storage, we mostly dry or ferment our hot peppers. The dried ones go into salts, and the pureed, fermented peppers become this delicious condiment. Really hot peppers instantly give me hiccups. The first time I made this recipe, the puree on hand was Basket of...

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