Coffee … if you love it, and you know you need it, you drink it right?

Still, it might be nice to find out that there are real benefits to drinking coffee. And even better to find out that you can easily ramp up the power of your morning coffee with a few simple powdered plant additions. Five years ago I had never heard of adaptogens, and maybe you haven’t either. Let me tell you about my discovery and how I use them every day for a glorious morning coffee.

Yes, coffee drinking can be controversial. Some people drink far too much, it’s true. But a morning coffee full of delicious flavour and heath boosters can be a very good thing.

Here is how the coffee question has landed for me – an adaptogen mocha is my morning meal and it makes all the difference. I have one special, delicious mug of coffee in the morning and no more until the next day. It’s worth waiting for. Besides, I am committed to my various medicinal herbal teas and broths so there really isn’t room for more coffee on the daily beverage agenda.

Getting It Right

Plain black coffee is not what I’m talking about here. It’s important to counteract the acidic nature of coffee by frothing in a little coconut oil or butter to protect your stomach lining. Look up bulletproof coffee if you want more information on this surprising practice.

My intentional morning coffee tastes like a creamy mocha and brings me great joy every day as the sleep fog begins to lift. I love that it gently and effortlessly brings me so many health benefits. I designed the formula for my personal mocha mix and am delighted to share it with you, but of course you can add and subtract ingredients to suit your own needs.

What is an Adaptogen?

In herbal medicine, adaptogens are plants known to help the body manage stress and return to optimal balance and well-being. They are so named because they adapt to the body’s needs. For example, ashwagandha is helpful both to increase energy and to promote sleep.

Adaptogen Mocha Mix

Inspired to give it a try? Prepare a batch of adaptogen mocha power and store it in the dark of your cupboard. Add 1 level teaspoonful to your coffee as you froth in the fats. Sweeten to taste with monkfruit or stevia, blend well, and remember to swirl a few times as you get close to the bottom of your drink.

Toxins in the cup? Never! Do your best to source clean, natural ingredients. Coffee and cocoa, being the most commercial, should be labelled organic. The other ingredients are less likely to be subject to pesticides or chemical fertilizers but be sure to choose wisely.

Combine thoroughly, then store in a 500 ml (1 pint) glass jar:

  • ½  cup ashwaghanda* – helps relieve adrenal fatigue, combats stress
  • 1/4 cup siberian ginseng* – increases  mental alertness, fights viruses
  • 1/4 cup astragalus*– immune system booster
  • ½ cup organic cocoa – energizing, mood lifting
  • 1/3 cup inulin – a prebiotic that tastes slightly sweet
  • 3 tablespoons cinnamon – delicious and rich in antioxidants,
  • 2 tablespoons roasted dandelion root* – rich in antioxidants, supports liver health

* adaptogens

adaptogen cannisters

This post doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface about the value of adding adaptogens to your everyday eating. If you want to learn more, you might enjoy studying these articles: