The hot, rainless summer was emotionally draining. Wildfire smoke choked the air and vegetation withered for lack of moisture. My favourite wild greens offered no comfort; instead they hid their faces. Only purslane seemed to thrive.

Now that the rain is back and temperatures have cooled, I see them reappearing, as fresh and tender as if it were springtime. I’ve started delighting in smoothies again.

Here are wild greens I’m adding to my September smoothie.

Wild greens are proving to be highly nutritious. These profiles weren’t available in my early days of foraging, but now with internet, it’s easy to find out what vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other benefits they offer.

In case you are curious, the rest of the ingredients in today’s smoothie were: frozen blueberries, half a small, wildcrafted apple, organic plant-based protein powder, parsley, bee pollen, ashwagandha and Siberian ginseng. I’m going after this chronic inflammatory pain!