Last Saturday we harvested the last of the vegetables from plot 100 – rutabaga, spaghetti squash and some little radishes. Jim rototilled the bed and got it ready for its new owners, our future gardening neighbours Frank, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Gillian.

Plot 99 is put to bed for the winter. Jim spread bark mulch in the centre path, so all of the preparation is done until we put up the fencing next year. To keep down the weeds, we covered one two thirds of one bed with heavy plastic weighted by pavers, and half of the other bed with leaves as mulch. If we have some good weather early in the spring, we are ready to take advantage of it.

It’s been great to share our community garden journey with you through this blog. Thanks especially to everyone who has made comments or stopped by at the garden to chat. Over the winter there will be very few posts. If you would like to be notified by email any time there is a new one, use the email subscription at the right.

Otherwise, we’ll catch you in the spring!
Karen and Jim Bush