Foods and nutrition …

Abigail and Felicity were ready and eager for a Tapestry Day now that the weather is on our side once more. We had a beautiful day for our foods and nutrition exploration: How to recognize, gather and eat that wonderful spring tonic – nettles. We headed out to one of my favourite nettle patches.

Our Woodland Path to Nettles

Out of the Woods with Our Nettles

Here is what we learned, and what we later prepared and ate:

Chopped Nettles and Cauliflower Puree with Nettles

How to build a fire …

The conditions were good for fire building and I had promised all four girls this experience, so we headed out to Matsqui Trail Regional Park and hiked out to Gladwin Pond where we found an adequate amount of dry kindling twigs and small branches for our experiment.

The results were excellent!