Succession planting has been happening all along. We’ve sown Cylindra beets and transplanted basil into the squares where the lettuce was harvested, and transplanted a pepper plant into the former kohlrabi bed.

However, this is probably the last succession planting that will happen for the year. There’s no more space. I pulled out all of the pea vines and dug up the rest of the beets and carrots since the damage was starting to get quite noticeable. Better we should eat them than the voles. I had hoped to plant kale for winter, but unfortunately my seedlings haven’t sprouted yet. But in the greenhouse I found that someone had donated kale seedlings. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and they are exactly the right size. There are two varieties – Blue Armor Kale and Red Russian Kale. Many thanks to the kind benefactors.

Click on the photo if you want to see them closeup.