Variety – Squash , Spaghetti
Company – Pacific Northwest

I grew one hillĀ  of two plants from seed and that produced ten squashes. The vines spread over the whole garden, but twined their way among the other vegetables, so very little space was dedicated to it alone. That was the plus side. The minus side is that we are at the end of September, the leaves are dead, but even the first squashes are not truly ripe. The flesh doesn’t separate into spaghetti-like strands the way a fully mature squash would. Another odd thing is that the outside of the squash is a speckled green colour, not the soft yellow I was expecting. I am a big fan of spaghetti squash and we will definitely grow it again, but I would make a point of buying seed of a named variety.

Variety – Squash , Zucchini Dark Green
Company – Pacific Northwest

The package said “Heavy Yields” and that was the truth. Although a hill of zucchini takes up quite a bit of space, they produce so much fruit throughout the season, that they are essential in our garden. The uses for zucchini seem to be limitless – grilled, sauted with onions, grated in muffins and cakes, or pureed in soup, to mention a few. But next year – one hill only!

Zucchini Hill