We’re in a stretch of warm, sunny weather and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. Our Fraser Valley June was forty percent wetter than normal, and colder by at least one degree Celsius. That’s a lot of cloudy, rainy, miserable days.

Needless to say, it was beautiful at the community garden today. Here’s a photo of the harvest we brought home.

July 7 Harvest

Normally I would have let the beets and carrots grow larger, but with the vole problem other members are having, I figure it’s better to pick them small and eat them ourselves than to find they’ve been devoured by wild animals. As it was, one of these beets had a good-sized chunk missing.

The rutabagas are on the small size as well, but they’re getting no light underneath the cascading peas, something I hadn’t planned on. We have another section of rutabagas that will be in full sun, and since we had an over-abundance last year, I’m not worried about picking these early.

Yes, we’re empty nesters. How did you guess?