We had a terrible week of rainy, November-like weather. Did we even see the sun? I wasn’t sure if there would be much to photograph at the garden on such a dreary Saturday, but what we saw kept us entertained. At four in the afternoon, plenty of people were tending their plots, but that didn’t worry the rabbits. We could easily get within six feet of them, and they’d only hop far enough away to keep the distance.

This adolescent didn’t even have that much caution.
(He wasn’t much for noticing signs either – it says, “No Bunnies Allowed”.)

Close encounters with a young rabbit

Young rabbitLet me in

And yes, he did get in. When last seen, he was on the other side of a fence that wasn’t as securely fastened as this one. It had just enough wiggle room at the bottom for a small rabbit to squeeze through.