Yesterday Jim finished the garden framework. He spread landscape fabric across the path and wedged it under the centre frame using scrap lumber to hold it in place, which also shored up the frame and will stop any of the good soil from trickling into the path. No picture today – he wants to spread bark mulch in the path first so it will be truly photo worthy. I thought it looked very nice with the beds all raked smooth.

Meanwhile, I cleared out more garden debris from plot 100 – all the kholrabi and three of the four zucchini plants. There were enough tiny zucchinis for one last barbecue. The corn, rutabagas and spaghetti squash still need more time in the soil, so I will leave them as long as I can.

We dug up the three rhubarb roots and transplanted them to plot 99. I have a feeling we will move them again since planting them down the centre of the bed takes up an unnecessary amount of space. Maybe two rhubarb plants will be plenty. Does anyone want a root?