I’ve been studying a plant medicine course for the last eight days, and was introduced to a herb recommended for heart health and brain function – gotu kola. This prolific little green grows wildly all over southern Asia and is well know in the herbal traditions of those areas.

Now I have personal theory that God would not put such a vital plant on the other side of the world and call it a day. There must be equally helpful plants growing where I live; the challenge is to find out what they are. The lecturer mentioned that gotu kola is a relative of parsley, and parsley is abundant in my garden. In fact, my chore list says I should weed out about half of it. This was worth a little research.

For example, this article: 23 Wonderful Parsley Health Benefits

I discovered that parsley is a powerhouse. So now, instead of pulling it up, I’m going to dehydrate as many trays as I can and get creative about using it in our food.