Welcome to this collection of thoughts and ideas I’m compiling as I craft a somewhat different life in retirement from the one I had as a full-time graphic designer working in the world of not-for-profits. The overarching theme of this website is sustainability in personal life. It’s a space where I can explore pursuits that fascinate me. If they fascinate you too, I’m delighted that we can spend some time together.

Like all personal odysseys, I expect this one will shift and morph. You may find my posts hovering over a topic for a while, and then darting off to look at something different that catches my eye. The changing seasons will drive the content too. Even so, I have no doubt that clear themes will emerge over time.

If I had to summarize in one short thought, it would be: “Now this is something I want to remember! I’d better write it down. ”


Decoration Serendipity

I love wild, beautiful and free!  Last summer, I spotted this abandoned decorative birdhouse. Its previous owner had had enough compassion to leave it beside the dumpster where it might be found by someone like me.  I guess they couldn't bear the finality of tossing...

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Spruce Tip Shortbread

Delicious baking is a family tradition and a big part of any celebration. My personal challenge is that my efforts at baked goods made without wheat, milk products or eggs are hardly worth the effort. When I discovered this wonderful shortbread, I came out of my...

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Tapestry 3-2

Food and nutrition ... We are in the midst of a heavy rainfall warning, so we had an indoors day. We’ll miss our nature walk, but this gives us more time to work with foods and crafts. We started in on lunch preparation right away. First we talked about how plants...

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Tapestry 3-1

Photo above: listening to bird talkFood and Nutrition ...Another gorgeous November day set the tone for our outing. Since our morning had a late start, we went right away to the garden to gather greens for our lunchtime salad. As anticipated, we found plenty of...

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Tapestry 2-2

Out into nature ... Today's forecast was for 10-15 mm of rain, so we felt very blessed to have dry and sunny weather while we explored Stoney Creek Park. I love this place – it feels like a world apart. The creek is so accessible and who can resist shallow, moving...

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Coconut Flour Biscuits

I was looking up this recipe recently for Rachel and realized that I had once written a post about it on a now-defunct publishing site. At that time, gluten-free was new and strange. Now, I'm recording this recipe on Life-Hues.com because it's ideal for anyone eating...

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Tapestry 2-1

Out into nature ... With a gorgeous sunny day ahead of us, Abigail, Laureli and I headed for the garden to collect culinary herbs. Our goal was to harvest and discuss aromatic herbs, and each collect enough to season one pot of bone broth. This turned into a long and...

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Sunshine Soup

Seasonal eating is a big part of how I manage our food supply, so now is the time for squash and pumpkins to take centre stage. As we move toward winter, the daylight hours wane and, in the Pacific Northwest, we also have a lot of cloud cover. Enter seasonal affective...

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October Tapestry

Out into nature ... Although the weather forecast was not favourable – heavy rain predicted – we were blessed with a fairly dry window of opportunity for our visit to Clayburn Village. En route we took a small side trip to see a horse chestnut tree (Aesculus...

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