Welcome to this collection of thoughts and ideas I’m compiling as I craft a somewhat different life in retirement from the one I had as a full-time graphic designer working in the world of not-for-profits. The overarching theme of this website is sustainability in personal life. It’s a space where I can explore pursuits that fascinate me. If they fascinate you too, I’m delighted that we can spend some time together.

Like all personal odysseys, I expect this one will shift and morph. You may find my posts hovering over a topic for a while, and then darting off to look at something different that catches my eye. The changing seasons will drive the content too. Even so, I have no doubt that clear themes will emerge over time.

If I had to summarize in one short thought, it would be: “Now this is something I want to remember! I’d better write it down. ”


Sunshine Soup

Seasonal eating is a big part of how I manage our food supply, so now is the time for squash and pumpkins to take centre stage. As we move toward winter, the daylight hours wane and, in the Pacific Northwest, we also have a lot of cloud cover. Enter seasonal affective...

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October Tapestry

Out into nature ... Although the weather forecast was not favourable – heavy rain predicted – we were blessed with a fairly dry window of opportunity for our visit to Clayburn Village. En route we took a small side trip to see a horse chestnut tree (Aesculus...

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Historic Clayburn Village

Nestled at the base of Sumas Mountain in the Fraser River Valley is a charming spot called Clayburn Village, the first company town in British Columbia. In 1905, the Maclure family built a plant to produce bricks of fireclay taken from the nearby mountainside. The...

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The Tapestry Begins

First, out into nature ... Laureli, Cariana and I headed out at ten o'clock to explore Clayburn Village. We parked by the old schoolhouse since much of the village parking was taken up by trucks and utility vehicles. The usually sleepy place was bustling. The...

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Parsley Power

I've been studying a plant medicine course for the last eight days, and was introduced to a herb recommended for heart health and brain function - gotu kola. This prolific little green grows wildly all over southern Asia and is well know in the herbal traditions of...

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Purslane and Quinoa

Purslane volunteers in my plot every summer, so for weeks on end I come back from the garden with bags of this delicious bonus vegetable. Here is the way I most often prepare it. Omit the meat if you prefer a vegetarian meal, which is equally tasty. Purslane and...

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