I think we must have the perfect climate for Walla Walla onions. I hope it’s not just two lucky years in a row. These onions are seriously amazing – so trouble free and delicious. We transplanted the whole box of tiny onion seedlings and they have never looked back. I think there are sixty-five in all, although a few are buried in pea vines right now.

Next to the onions are the Hakurei turnips. We didn’t manage to pick very many of them when they were tiny so now they’re baseball-sized, but still tender and tasty. A family of worms thinks so too, but so far we have enough that we aren’t worried about a little poaching. Unfortunately the greens aren’t as tasty as I had hoped. Beets are still number one on my list for useful tops and bottoms.

Just past the turnips are the Fortex pole beans. After the decimation our bush beans suffered last year, I decided to see if climbers would do any better. The first sowing did get chomped off, but the second sowing survived and now the trellis is filling up. A few stragglers are looking for adventure in other directions. Back to the netting, my dears.

Onions turnips bean