Finally, this is looking like the garden we dreamed of. Some squares of the grid have been harvested already, some are in production, and some are well on their way.  The east side, on the left, shows a hill of butternut squash, one spaghetti squash, the unfinished trellis, the second planting of bush beans (three plants survived), the second planting of Laurentian Swede rutabagas and the zucchini patch – one green and two gold. The rest of the bush beans are at the north end, just below my camera range.

The butternut squash transplants had been so pitiful that it hurt. Then we bought this cute greenhouse and put it over them horizontally to give them a boost while we waited for sunshine and warmth. They loved it. Today, Jim pulled out the smallest of the three, so the other two should do quite nicely.

Garden Plot - south view