I’ve revised my planting diagram three times already. I almost wonder why I make a plan, except that I wouldn’t want to forget something important. On Tuesday we stopped to buy sweet onion plants and a few packets of seeds on the way home. Rain is in the forecast, so it was an ideal day to get a few more early vegetables in the ground.

While Jim fastened the bottom edge of the wire to the frame, I planted eight squares of Walla Walla onions, four to a square. I wonder if that might be a little too close, but I’m sure we’ll use some of them before they are full size. Six squares went to Esmeralda butterhead lettuce, one each; two went to French Breakfast radishes, sixteen each. Then I transplanted tiny kale seedlings into the last four squares. If they don’t take off, I’ll pull them out and plant seed instead since they’ve been that size since the fall. The spinach I planted last week is showing, and so are some of the radishes around the rhubarb. I’m not betting on them though – the rhubarb is definitely winning right now.

Last year the soil was so wet that we didn’t plant anything until the end of May. Having one whole quarter planted already feels pretty good.

Walla Walla