I have a few more seed packets in my tin. I had high hopes for them, but this year they did not make much of an appearance.

Bush Beans

I was excited about West Coast Seeds’ Tricolour Bush Bean Blend. Purple, yellow and green bean seeds were mixed in one package. Unfortunately, the tender bean plants were irresistable to some hungry creature, so they didn’t have a chance. Next year I will try them again, inside a fence.


Same deal. West Coast Seeds has a variety called Rainbow Lacinato which produces multicoloured plants. They sound interesting, but they were eaten off before they grew an inch high. Next year …

Butternut Squash

This is a variety I love. It needs 110 days to mature, so I may have to start the seeds indoors, although in years past I have matured butternuts in the garden from seed. It’s a moot point because the plants didn’t even show their faces this year.