June is here and our garden is taking that seriously. I love this photo of the grid at work. Everything looks so healthy and cozy and organized.

I know you’re dying to ask, so I’ll tell you what we have here. At the back, you can see some of the eight squares of Walla Walla onions, four to a square foot for thirty-two onions in all. In front of the divider are two squares of carrots, sixteen to a square, then two squares of beets, nine to a square. The white patch is a stepping stone for granddaughters to use when weeding. At the front left are six butterhead lettuces, one per square foot. To the right of that, rutabagas – Laurentian Swede. They get pretty big, so they are planted in a single, foot-wide row. Against the fence are the happy, tumbling pea vines.

So far, so good. It all looks wonderful.

Green Growth in the Grid

Here is the same section from the other end.

Grid Sections

(Hear that ominous music rising in the background? We’ll look at the other side of the garden later this week.)