Butterfly and Gnome

Many plots are still lush and producing well.

After two cold, cloudy days that produced no rain, we’re back to sunny skies. At the garden, tomatoes, peppers and beans are doing beautifully. Not ours, sadly. It’s a shame to have missed that BC rarity – the bumper tomato crop. I really backed the wrong horses this year.

We decided to take out the zucchini plants. The baking soda did some good because the new leaves don’t have powdery mildew, but all the tiny zucchinis seem to be rotting before they can grow to any size. So we freed up that space, about five feet, dug it over, and I planted spinach, radishes and beets. We’ll see what happens.

Jim lifted the rest of our sweet onions. What a wonderful crop that has been. No complaints there. He also cut out three of the kale “trees” so now we can use the centre path again. I pulled the last four bush bean plants that were lost under the butternut squash. They had some beans on them. In other plots, the pole and bush beans are still producing like it’s the beginning of August.

We came home with a cylindra beet and its two meals worth of leaves, enough basil for a batch of pesto, twelve onions, kale for a good sized batch of kale chips and a couple of small pattypans from the community plot.