We went to the garden again on Saturday, around 5:00 after the heat of the day was over and our backs had had a chance to rest. We needed to add the third layer of stage two – compost. This is by far the most important ingredient because it supplies the plants with nutrients. It also improves the quality of the soil texture, making it looser and lighter. Our clay soil does need some help in that direction.

Now the compost layer is done, and the plot can sit for a week or so until we rototill it all together. The result should be soil that is ready for next year’s crops. I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to do this preparation during the dry summer weather. It would have much more difficult to do before or after the planting season, and with the amount of rain we had this past spring, not possible at all.


Yes, the masked man in the hat is Jim. The hat is soaked with water to keep his head cool, and the mask is to keep him from breathing the mushroom manure. As his sister pointed out, you’ve got to figure that compost is full of bacteria, mold, spores and lots of other stuff. Great for the garden, but not so great for his lungs.