After two weeks, the only squash that had sprouted was the single zucchini , so I did exactly what I predicted. I bought a lovely box of butternut squash seedlings that I found at Howard Wong’s. It was the last one, and they were the perfect size. What’s more, there were three to plant, and three to give away.

As I dug the holes for the seedlings, you know, of course, what I found – squash seeds that were just barely sprouting and hadn’t made it to the surface yet. I planted the seedlings anyway. I’ve always found that squash grown from seed right in the bed is stronger and does better in the long run, but I didn’t exactly expect what I found five days later. The poor seedlings were mildewed, pinched on the stem and extremely bedraggled. I’m not sure what to blame this on, but they were definitely under attack.

Never mind, I’m an optimist. I am sure there will be squash yet, one way or another.

Battered Butternut