To be perfectly honest, this isn’t about the garden. Well, let’s see if I can tie it in.

Okay. Saturday evening, we were sitting on the deck eating a dinner of scrumptious vegetables from our plot when I heard crackling in the greenspace behind us and saw a deer browsing in the brush, so I went to get my camera. I never did get a clear shot of the deer, but while I was watching, an owl flew onto a branch not twenty feet from us. Fortunately, my camera was right beside us. Unfortunately, I don’t have a zoom lens.

I was really hoping the shot turned out so we could identify the owl. It’s a poor photo, but I think what we have here is a Northern Spotted Owl. I found this picture  for comparison and this description. I have heard the owl calling at night, but it was only a dream that one day I might get a chance to actually observe it.