Welcome to this collection of thoughts and ideas I’m compiling as I approach retirement and look forward to a very different life than the one I have now as a full-time graphic designer working in the world of not-for-profits. The overarching theme of this website is sustainability in personal life. It’s a place I can explore pursuits that fascinate me. If they fascinate you too, I’m delighted that we can spend some time together.
Like all personal odysseys, I expect this one will shift and morph. You may find my posts hovering over a topic for a while, and then darting off to look at something different that catches my eye. There will be some clear themes however, and I had some fun trying to categorize them. And once I got stuck on the letter s, it became even more challenging, but I do like the result.


Purslane is one of the marvelous volunteers in my garden plot. While others see it as a weed, I encourage it, and harvest a bag or two every week during its growing season. Here are three ways I use purslane: in my morning greens smoothie in soup - it has a lemony...

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Too Much Zucchini?

There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Zucchini My growing space is small, so when people see that I have two hills of summer squash, both zucchini, they're sure I must be a beginner gardener who doesn't have a clue about how much those hills are going to produce....

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Summer Harvest Soup

8 cups homemade chicken broth 2 cups carrots, sliced 1 medium onion chopped 4 stalks of celery, sliced 1-2 cloves of garlic, chppped 4 cups zucchini, cubed 1 cup parsley, chopped 1 cup purslane, chopped 4 sprigs of fresh basil or 1 teaspoon dried Heat the broth in a...

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