Welcome to this collection of thoughts and ideas I’m compiling as I craft a somewhat different life in retirement from the one I had as a full-time graphic designer working in the world of not-for-profits. The overarching theme of this website is sustainability in personal life. It’s a space where I can explore pursuits that fascinate me. If they fascinate you too, I’m delighted that we can spend some time together.

Like all personal odysseys, I expect this one will shift and morph. You may find my posts hovering over a topic for a while, and then darting off to look at something different that catches my eye. The changing seasons will drive the content too. Even so, I have no doubt that clear themes will emerge over time.

If I had to summarize in one short thought, it would be: “Now this is something I want to remember! I’d better write it down. ”


Lime Mint Purslane Salad

I've been eating purslane in smoothies, soups, and cooked dishes for years because it's so nutritious, not to mention completely easy trouble-free to "grow" in the garden. This is my first purslane-based salad, a perfect sweet and sour combination of early summer...

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End of June Garden II

The Secret Garden The gated community  where we live is a dream come true. Mature trees, gardens, ponds, beautiful views, wonderful neighbours, great strata council. The only thing that we both really miss is personal land to grow food, make compost, and experiment...

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End of June Garden

The spring planting scramble is a thing of the past and we are starting to enjoy the first fruits of our labour. It occurred to me that a look at what’s been keeping me busy (and tired) might be of interest, especially to all my urban gardening friends.  We live in a...

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Welcome Purslane

This time of year, if I had to depend only on what I plant, I would carry home much less food from my garden. The promise of abundance is there, but very little is ready to eat just yet. Thankfully, the wild edibles that volunteer in my plot and its periphery are...

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Eating Nettles

In the spring just as the tree buds are becoming leaves, it's time to start looking for nettles to harvest. If you find a patch, it will likely be abundant. Nettles, Urtica diorica, are wonderfully good for you, high in nutrients and with many health benefits. (I...

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Tapestry 4-2

Foods and nutrition ... Abigail and Felicity were ready and eager for a Tapestry Day now that the weather is on our side once more. We had a beautiful day for our foods and nutrition exploration: How to recognize, gather and eat that wonderful spring tonic - nettles....

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First Bites of Spring

After an unnatural cold snap that would not go away, my first visit to the community garden last week was pretty bleak. Even my kale leaves had been destroyed by day after day of below freezing temperatures. It's not what we're used to here in the Pacific Northwest....

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Wings Over Water

We took a long weekend to attend the Wings Over Water Festival at Blaine, Semiahmoo and Birch Bay, Washington. This area is part of the Pacific migration flyway, and mid-March is prime time for watching birds. Birders come from great distances to add to their life...

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February Textures

Paying attention. Today's artistic challenge was to capture textures in nature using my DSLR camera. These shots were taken at Harrison Lake and Harrison Hot Springs. I have a special love for textures. I use them to give depth and interest to my design work. Texture...

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